Trek Tasmania is a boutique tour company focussed on taking small groups into the wilds of our beautiful island, onto the paths less travelled and into the heart of the Tasmanian wilderness. Our specialty is offering quality, deep immersion wilderness experiences; our commitment is to sustainable eco-tourism principles. We employ passionate, highly experienced, professional guides, who deliver world class tours in some of the most spectacular places in Tasmania. We understand that by looking after our wilderness areas and having a total ‘leave no trace’ policy we are preserving the areas that we visit for future generations. We abide by and believe in the philosophy that when you look after the land, the land looks after you.


Trek Tasmania wishes to acknowledge and pay respect to the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community as the traditional and original owners, and continuing custodians, including Elders, past and present of the land and country through which we are privileged to travel.


Dream, reconnect, explore, share and discover with us.



Kate Johnston, South Coast Track February 2016

I really do feel a part of the Trek Tasmania family and that is because of the way every member of the Trek Tasmania Team goes out of the way to make our trekking experiences so special – from the way you respond to all our questions in such a timely way and with such helpful advice, to the way the guides shape the trek to take into account the needs of the group (and always pick the right moment to bring out the chocolate), to the way Holger just appeared on both our trip briefing/gear check and on the last day to pick us up for lunch and to take us back to Hobart . It is all those little touches that mean I will keep coming back to Trek Tasmania for more and more.

I had a wonderful, exhilarating, awe-inspiring South Coast trek. We certainly did get to experience all the South Coast can offer in terms of weather conditions – hail, blustering winds, rain and glorious sunshine. Dealing with those conditions made the trek all that more memorable for me, but it was only because of the brilliant leadership of our guides – Jacob and Warwick – that I had the confidence to complete the South Coast track (something I have been yearning to do for ages).

Nothing I write could reflect just how highly I think of Jacob and Warwick. They were absolutely wonderful. I really appreciated their positive attitudes, good humour and calmness in the face of pretty wild weather conditions and some serious mud/leeches/water crossings. It was so reassuring to have two guides who were prepared to handle every situation the trek threw at us. They were true jacks-of-all-trades – being navigators, rowers, doctors and chefs (just to mention a few!). It was such a luxury to have our camps prepared and meals made for us every day. We earned the envy of all the independent walkers for the food we were served. The rest day was particularly memorable – pancakes, sushi and a curry with fresh naan bread…seriously yummy after our experience on in the Ironbound Ranges. My tastebuds have also been awakened to the pleasure of Bengal spice tea – when I drink it now it always brings back memories of camp.

I will definitely be travelling with Trek Tasmania in the future.

Lyn Scott, Flinders Island January 2015

Flinders Island was my third hike with Trek Tasmania and you have surpassed my expectations again. This island is a hidden treasure – massive rock formations, sandy coves and bush wilderness. Brad and Andrew are an amazing team who worked extraordinarily hard to ensure each person in the group had a memorable experience. Brad’s guiding is enthusiastic and passionate and Andrew is able to produce exceptional cuisine using very basic facilities. The knowledge they each have of Tasmania is outstanding and it was a privilege to be on this tour with them. Every day of the hike was magnificent. The campsites were in secluded areas on what seemed to be our own private beach. The hiking was varied and challenging. Climbing Mt Strzelecki was demanding; but standing on the summit taking in the spectacular panorama was unforgettable. I would also like to complement your pre-tour service. Kym is always on the ball, keeping clients informed and updated. Receipts and confirmations are sent promptly and e-mails responded too quickly. I always feel confident every detail has been covered before the tour commences. I look forward to travelling with Trek Tasmania again. Thanks again for a phenomenal experience.

Joy, Walls of Jerusalem March 2015

There were so many highlights it is difficult to choose just one. On reflection, the whole expedition was an amazing experience, full of many highs and a few challenges. The professionalism of Brad, Kat, Clare and Holger was quietly evident at every turn; their friendliness, knowledge, ability to read our group, encouragement and support should be considered a highlight as this made for a very relaxed and enjoyable travelling group. My personal high was sitting on top of Mt Jerusalem. Wow, what an amazing country we live in. I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of service, support, education, encouragement, equipment, beautiful cuisine and choice provided throughout the trek. To be able to set up camp every night with your own private lake front, river side or bush camp is something we treasure and you managed to provide this time and time again. I would like to congratulate your team for providing such a unique experience, one of extremely high standard but mostly for the enjoyment you create. Our group enjoy life. We are great friends and it is wonderful to be able to share this experience together, especially because we could share it with you. See you next time.